March 14, 2005 Sunbathe Joins Laughlin’s License Family
Laughlin Products (LPI) proudly announces that Sunbathe of Jonesboro, Arkansas has become its newest licensee. Sunbathe’s key players include indoor tanning industry pioneers Porter Hurt, Bill Hurt and Jerry Deveney.

2-01-05 Hollywood Tans and Laughlin Products Settle Patent Dispute
Hollywood Tans and Laughlin Products have entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement for the manufacturing and marketing of HTS’ sunless spray booth. Click here for more info

11-22-04 Pioneer Spray-Booth Patent Upheld
The USPTO confirmed the patentability of 21 claims under consideration in the re-examination of US patent 5,922,333.    Click here to learn more

11-11-04 Judgment Entered in Magic Tan Infringement Case
Default judgments entered in infringement cases in Nevada and Florida. Nevada Federal judge enters judgment of over $100,000 per Magic Tan booth.

10-8-4 The ‘333 Patent Survives Another Challenge
Read Doc’s take on a recent ruling in his patent infringement cases against Hollywood Tans and Magic Tan. One of the key points of this ruling was that the ‘333 patent would continue to be prosecuted in these cases.

9-1-4 Doc Gets US Patent #16 Dr Laughlins Patent
The US PTO today issued Dr. Laughlin patent # 6,782,893.
This patent is a continuation of his patent # 5,922,333.
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11-18-03 Bye Bye Sunless Express.

It's official, the Sunless Express Spray Spa has been discontinued. ETS will cease marketing or manufacturing any form of DHA spray booth.

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11-11-03 Invent This!
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Tech TV's weekly documentary, Invent This!, will feature the invention of Spray Booth Tanning on its Thanksgiving Week segment. The documentary will span from Dr. Tom Laughlin's high school days through today's commercialization of this revolutionary invention, including a recreation of one of the first spray-booth tanning sessions.

10-31-03 Magic Tan Patent Litigation in Full Swing

Complaints are being filed across the US against a
network of groups and individuals associated with the
manufacture, sale and use of Magic Tan spray booths.

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McClain Patent Still "Expired" September 20, 2003

Four months ago it was posted here that the McClain patent # 5,460,192 had expired in 1999 due to nonpayment of maintenance fees. There are now rumors circulating in the tanning industry that the patent was re-instated. Contrary to these rumors, the patent status remains "expired".


'Beep beep'
August 22, 2003

Dallas Business Journal reviews
Dr. Laughlin's patent infringement

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McClain Patent Expired
May 20, 2003

According to records from the US Patent and Trademark Office, US Patent 5,460,192, entitled "Apparatus for Applying Suntanning Lotion", expired in 1999 due to failure to pay maintenance fees.

Austin, TX
Darque Tan Sued for Patent Infringement

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Laughlin Products announced today that it has initiated patent infringement litigation against Houston-based Darque Tan. Darque Tan offers an alleged infringing automated-sunless-tanning system in its corporate and franchise salons under the trade name Instant Tan. There are Darque Tan salons in Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Denver.

Grapevine, TX
Infringers Beware:
New Mystic/Mist-On License Agreement

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Mystic Tan and Laughlin Products have entered into a new license agreement which allows Mystic to offer its booth to all markets in all countries except the US, UK and Ireland. Part of that agreement was the creation of Mystic funded "Dr. Laughlin's War Chest". This fund is intended to enable Laughlin Products to continue and expand its current patent-defense litigation.

Washington, PA
January 24, 2003

The owners of the Riveria Sun Tanning Salon of Washington, PA, were named as defendants in a patent infringement suit filed by Laughlin Products of Grapevine, TX. The suit involves their operation of a Sun Spritz automated sunless tanning booth.

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Sun Spritz


Heartland Sued for Patent Infringement
December 15, 2002

Heartland Tanning, Inc. was sued by Laughlin Product, Inc. for alleged infringement of their patented automated sunless tanning technology.


The McClain Patents

Recent press regarding two patents issued to Edward McClain in 1995 and 1997 has some in the tanning industry confused with respect to the invention of automated sunless tanning. Here's the low-down on those two patents.



Round Two for Hollywood Tan Litigation.
November 3, 2002

A second set of patent infringement lawsuits have been filed this week by Laughlin Products against Hollywood Tan salon owners in several states.
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Ebay trader sued
October 28, 2002


LPI contends that a product that
Glantz Enterprises offered on Ebay
infringes on a patent it owns.

Laughlin Products
Grapevine, TX
July 9, 2002



The US PTO issued U.S
patent # 6,416,747 to
Laughlin Products of
Grapevine, TX. The
patent is entitled
“Method, Apparatus,
and Composition for
Automatically Coating
the Human Body with
Plural Components”.


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Hollywood Tans in Patent Litigation
June 21, 2002



Patent infringement suits have been filed against Hollywood Tans salons in several states. The suits allege that Hollywood Tans’ recently-introduced Instant Tan infringes on Laughlin Products’ US patent #5,922,333.

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Executive Tans Patent-Litigation Update
June 18, 2002
Three more Denver-area businesses are named in patent litigation suits.

Update on Gilley's TanSpa Litigation
June 1, 2002

Judge rules to dismiss suit against Gilley's.
Suit is the subject on an on-line case study.
To appeal or not to appeal?


  ETS wants Dr. Laughlin to Stop
February 14, 2002

ETS claims that Dr. Laughlin's attempts at enforcing his patent rights are causing loss of sales of their new Sunless Express Spray Spa.
They specifically mentioned allegedly damaging statements made on various website, including,, and




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  LPI filed a patent infringement suit this week against a tanning salon and its owner.
The suit alleges that the salon uses and profits from the use of LPI's patented Mist-On technology.
  Executive Tans sued over Sunless Express Spray Spa.
January 31, 2002
  Laughlin Products alleges patent infringement by one of the premiere tanning franchises.  


Gilley's TanSpa Sued by LPI over Sunless Express.
January 25, 2002
Madison, Wisconsin

LPI has taken legal action to protect its intellectual property.
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Sunless Express™ Sued
January 22, 2002

The Sunless Express Spray Spa is now the subject of litigation in two suits in Texas; one in Fort Worth and one in Dallas.

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Case Settled, LPI Victorious
Grapevine, TX
August 17, 2001

Laughlin Products claims victory in its first patent infringement suit. Click the scales-of-justice at right for more details.

Method of and Apparatus for Automatically Coating the Human Body: Fogging Technology.

  US Patent No: 6,298,862  

Inventor:Dr. Thomas J. Laughlin

  Issued: October 9, 2001  
Click here to see sample figures and to learn more about the patent.

Infringement Suit in Settlement Stage
Grapevine, TX
August 7, 2001

LPI's infringement suit involving a midwestern tanning-salon chain has progressed to the settlement stage. Click the scales-of-justice at left to learn more about this recent development.

Mist-On Tan Patent Infringement Suit Filed
July 25, 2001

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System for automatically coating the human body

  US Patent Number 5,922,333
  Inventor: Dr. Thomas J. Laughlin
Issued: July 13, 1999

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Process for bleaching chemically tanned skin and discolored nails.

  US Patent Number 6,117,118
  Inventors: Anne M. Laughlin, Thomas J. Laughlin
Issued: September 12, 2000

US Patent Office allows Dr. Laughlin a third patent on his misting technology. The patent is to be issued soon.

Click here to see examples of figures from his patent application.

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Dr. Laughlin addresses frequently asked questions about patents

Mist-On Tan Patent Qualified for Worldwide Coverage.
June 25,2001

We recently received notice from the International Bureau of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) that one of our most recent patents (US patent 6,199,557) has been qualified for issuance in 99 countries. Click the thumbnail for more details. . Click the thumbnail for more details. Click above to view our US patent 6,199,557.

Mist-On Tan Patent Qualified for Worldwide Coverage.
June 25,2001

We recently received notice from the International Bureau of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) that one of our most recent patents (US patent 6,199,557) has been qualified for issuance in 99 countries. Click the thumbnail for more details.

Mist-On Tanning Solution Now Patented
June 26, 2001

It's official. Dr. Laughlin's Mist-On tanning solution is now patented. The US patent # 6,251,374 discloses formulations that make Mist-On tanning possible. Click the thumb at left for more details. Go to the Patent Gallery for a copy of the patent.